Update causing weeks to continuously advance

Hi guys,

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately after the update i tried to get into my game and when I pressed advance one week, it took a while to load before crashing. When i reopened my game, it actually advanced like 4 months which is really frustrating because i had a lot of important title fights built up and a lot of fights were lost because i was unable to strategise for them.
I also have a lot of unhappy fighters because i hadnt booked them for a fight in months.

I tried resetting the game and when i went to advance another week, it looks like it kept advancing because i ended up another 3 months ahead and now all my fighters are upset. Months of building fights, contenders and relationships all wasted.

Can we have a look into what happened? I’ve actually spent money to keep this save when i ran out of money and its a shame to lose it over a bug.


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I’m having the same issue, hopefully it should be a quick fix.

hey we’re aware of this and a fix will be out shortly :slight_smile:

Exact same has happened to me

Update is now out in App Store.

My apologies.

Its still happening unfortunately.

Are you using 1.08.01.

The issue is fixed in that version.