User Interface thoughts

Thank you for the release of Boxing Manager. I have played at least 5000 matches on WTBM and am number 12 on the leaderboard. I find that although the new game has so many cool features, the user interface is just not as friendly as WTBM. I find that the screen is really busy on an iPad. Specifically, showing the 3 major rankings on the page for each boxer makes it a little harder to view, are the ranking in real life really that varied between sanctioning bodies? You have differences of over 100 between different rankings. I am still getting used to the game. WTBM was so pretty and easy to view on an iPad. I am not sure if I like the font on Boxing Manager but not sure what would be better. At this point, it is not as fun to play as WTBM but I am going to give it a fair shake. Thank you for your support and dedication to the game.


Thanks for the mail and your thoughts. They’re very appreciated.

Well done on the leaderboard ranking!

We agree that the iPad screens are not optimised fully yet which is why we didn’t put it up as a universal app (ie only iPhone/iPod touch) just yet. Adding the two extra rankings has meant an increase in info on many screens and we will be looking at how players are using the screens together with feedback such as yours to rapidly iterate and improver as we did with WTBM.

We are going to work through the screens for iPad over the coming weeks once we’ve got a bug fix release out of the way. The font btw is the apple system font which hopefully will allow the iPad to look ok.:wink:

In real life the rankings don’t even stretch down to the depths that the game does so the issues doesn’t really apply. However, there are instances in the game whereby the differences between the rankings are to any sensible eye “wrong”. This will be dealt with in the bug fix release.

Stay with us as it’s only with player feedback that we develop as we did with WTBM which enabled us to take the leap we have here.


Thank you IronMike. You and your team have done an awesome job with this and obviously it will continue to evolve. There is not an alternative at all to what you have done with WTBM and BM. I am playing both of them and I know as I get used to BM, I will be at the same comfort level as with WTBM. It is amazing all you have put into the app as it must be 5x to 10x the amount of things to do in Boxing Manager which obviously improves authenticity. Thank you again for your awesome support.


We do it because we love it. It’s cool that other people also want to play the game.