Vacant title goes to?

Hi, sorry if this has been answered before but if so I can’t see where.
How exactly is it decided where a world title ends up when it is vacated?
When a unified champ is ducking my fighter who may even been ranked #1 the title seems to land in the hands of another fighter.
Is another ranked contender just selected at random everytime?

It goes to an interim guy normally the top guy in rankings who doesn’t hold another title.
We are working on a total revision of title management and world titles will be properly vacated and stay empty until an eliminator is fought and won.

Reminds me of when you used to be able to manipulate the system and drop belts so they would be picked up by your own boxer. Proper Don King shit :grinning:


Yes was hoping to get some champions via email ala Devin Haney

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The top ranked guy who doesn’t hold a title or have a fight scheduled.

And isn’t in the same gym it seems

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Yes, they changed it so that your own fighters can’t become champ that way.

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