Vacant title with champ?

I have a bit of a weird glitch for my regional Flyweight belt. It became vacant when my champ challenged for the undisputed belt.

From what i can see, it is showing vacant on the title page, however on rankings page it shows 8 champs. As far as i can tell, those champs dont move up or down in regional rankings, but stay “champ” when they fight.

I have another flyweight in that region, and it appears the title is recognised when i win it, however on the “title fight history” page it appears each time those champs fight, it is recognized as a title fight although the belt never changes hands.

Bit of a weird glitch, im hoping i dont need to reset as i have quite a bit of a history and storyline in this game.

Anyone else have this problem?

Bit of an old bug this that still pops up from time to time. No way around it in your current game I’m afraid.