Vacating titles and dropping ranks

Vacated a title and gone straight to 60# in the world?


Yep. Vacating titles now means the title that you gave up downgrades (as in real life) the vacating fighter. We have made it less stringent a slight than in real life in terms of ranking where there are few examples of fighters vacating having much chance of recovering them. At least in this context we are giving a clear chance and indication of “penalty” in vacating the belt. Again in real life this would not be clear and the vacating title rarely receives a ranking from the org whose title th have just vacated.

I think one of the problems in being ‘realistic’ and true to life, is that some of what happens in the ‘real life boxing world’ is nonsensical and clearly in need of change.

Finding the balance is difficult - but I think in some cases the game could improve upon ‘real life’ and add the sensible rationality the real world of boxing sometimes lacks.

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Thus in this case what do players think an appropriate sanction by the vacated title org?

Maybe the fighter could be informed that if they vacate the belt they will be unable to challenge for the belt for 12 months (consequently they cannot be ranked in the top 2, 3 or 5 for 12 months).

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