Version 1.00.04 heads to the app store

Version 1.00.04 will be available to update from the App Store in next hour or so.

We’re in a coding frenzy so a couple of updates expected in next 3-10 days.

Starting with this to mitigate the issues before we get onto COOL functionality in the form of properly working world titles which today has gone to the beta group to test.


  • Fixed bug whereby unstaked bets could win at zero risk
  • Added ranking hotfix to reset fighter ranking in range of the highest ranked
  • Modified ranking mechanism to mitigate ranking compression in late game causing ranking bugs
  • Reduced fighter potential boost when fighter signs contract as led to excess fighter attribute inflation.
  • Increased change of Fighter Potential growth when fighters wins and according to remaining Potential. E.g. more remaining Potential = greater chance of increasing Potential
  • Improved fighter ageing mechanism so as to reduce number of fighters with long, unrealistic, records
  • Increased exponential likelihood of knockdowns from big punchers against weak chins.
  • Increased performance to allow for increased number of fighters at game start
  • P4P screen returns to rankings screen
  • Game-play balancing in making less inconsistent the all round attributes of the most talented fighters in the game.
  • Increased propensity for weaker fighters to accept fights when matchmaking

Can we unify now in this update?

No. That’s in the next beta which Apple will approve today.1.00.05

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