Version 1.00.05 now available in App Store

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.00.05 of Boxing Manager to the App Store.

We are delighted with the progress that’s been made with this version.

We hope players enjoy it. We will continue to iterate rapidly with future release in coming weeks.
Thanks for the beta group as ever. If you’re not a part please sign up.

The highlights of the release are as follows:-

  • Title unifications are now back and better than ever. Any of the combos of the three titles can and will unify including to a coveted undisputed three title unification. Unified titles now also break up/split when the title organisations don’t agree on the challengers over a prolonged period. News will update the user to inform them of what is happening with each title.
  • Pound for Pound rankings now improved/working properly. If playing existing game then it will take a cycle of fights for the ranking to become representative. New games will see fresh, accurate P4P ratings from week 1.
  • World title fight eligibility modified. Top two ranked fighters eligible for GBC title shot, top three ranked eligible for GBA slot and top five ranked fighters for GBF.
  • Training now set to balanced by default for all fighters.
  • Rankings engine updated to allow smoother and quicker movement up (and down) rankings as well as lower variability between rankings
  • Fight schedule engine optimisation and enhancements
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We will be posting another small update subsequent to this one which adds some extra functionality for managed champions allowing clearer indication of contender eligibility for titles as well as the ability to vacate titles more easily.

We hope to have that out by tomorrow evening at the latest.
BM Team

This is awesome and thanks. You guys are really getting these updates out very quickly, I would say this is the most important update since the general release of 1.00. Thank you for listening to the community’s feedback. I have already played 14k matches so interesting to see if the changes work for existing games or if it’s only for new games you create.

Works with all games not just new ones!:slight_smile:
Thanks for playing.

Nice updates. Thank you for continuing to keep up with the game. After hitting week 500 on the original game I restarted And i set some restrictions for myself so I don’t achieve everything quite so fast.

The game improvements are very noticeable

There are some MASSIVE (yet subtle) changes here. We think they are great.
Some of our team have spent a day just simulating worlds without gyms or stables and have made some amazing boxing universes. :):slight_smile:

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We will be adding plenty of realty brakes into the game world.
We acknowledge that, for some, it plays too fast. Our next update or two will resolve this.

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When is the update out