Version 1.08.02 IOS Release Notes

Hello everybody We’re here to announce some jaw-dropping updates that will take your game to a whole new level of excitement: Version 1.08.02

:trophy: Unveiling Amateur Tournament Results: Brace yourselves for intense battles and epic victories! Now, you can delve into the thrilling amateur tournament results for each fighter on your roster. Who will emerge as the next rising star?

:briefcase: Masterful IP Management: We’ve sharpened our managerial skills! When you sign an amateur fighter to your roster, rest assured that the correct amount of manager IP will be smoothly deducted. It’s time to strategize and build the ultimate fighting team!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Turn Pro in Style: Step into the spotlight! We’ve redefined the turning pro ranking expectations, showering you with more favorability as a manager. Your fighters are destined for greatness as they climb the ranks with panache!

:star2: Unleash Fighter Potential: It’s time to unlock hidden talent! Witness an explosion of potential as your fighters make the leap to the pro circuit. The world will marvel at their skills and grit!

:busts_in_silhouette: A Fresh Mix of Talent: Prepare for a diverse pool of fighters! With our improved generation system, you’ll encounter a thrilling 90%:10% mix. Amateur fighters turned pros and fresh new talents with no amateur records will create a captivating roster!

:straight_ruler: Bye-Bye Midgets and Giants: No more unusual stature! Our team has fixed the feet and inches conversion glitch, ensuring all fighters appear in their true glory. Say hello to a perfectly balanced lineup!

:art: Enhanced UI for Amateurs: Aesthetics meet functionality! We’ve given the amateur interface a dazzling makeover, making your managerial journey smoother and more enjoyable than ever!

:earth_africa: Equatorial Guinea on Display: Flags flying high! The Equatorial Guinea flag has been proudly fixed, giving all fighters the representation they deserve!