Very old trainers

Only a small thing, but trainers seem to just keep getting older without retiring or dying. One is now 115 years old!

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Well, thats the spirit

I’ve noticed that too . I haven’t seen over 100 but lots in their 80s and 90s. I actually for fun created a tiny gym of boxers over 40 and I thought it was only proper they had an older trainer and was surprised how many octogenarians were available .

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Ok that does it :slight_smile:
We will look to add the code to cull these guys. Previously the game was so slow :slight_smile: that so few games were getting this advanced but now they are we definitely need to address this. As ever bear with us and you know we’ll be on it:)

It might mean we also do the same for fighters (albeit only retired ones).

Thanks for the post.

That’s hilarious. Nice work :slight_smile: Interesting to hear what people do!!!

Too many old fighters as well. We have been taking steps to combat that and the last couple of updates have seen fighter ages slowly starting to come down when created.

Thanks for the response. I guess the old trainers I didn’t mind as much (more so guys in their 80s 90s and well past 100 maybe a different story). The older fighters are probably more of a priority I would think . at the very least I can retire my old fighters when it’s clear their best days are long gone

We need to sort it.

The fighters we believe are in hand. This takes two forms. Not spawning with such a large potential for older fighters as well as the retirement stuff we are incrementally doing. We are on it. As ever we will increment towards the right place rather than Big Bang as we know that causes chaos :slight_smile:

I’ve really enjoyed the game so far and all you folks put into it. just added the son to the game . I like doing different things to change my experience keeps it interesting.

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