Warning Message for when contract to end

How would people feel about a warning message to appear when you arrange a fight with a boxer who has only 1 fight left on their contract? Lost count of times I’ve mistakenly released a boxer, not realising it was his last fight. When you have lots of boxers the message bar the bottom right can be cluttered and easy to miss.


Good idea. To add variety, an automatic pop up notice could appear, or the boxer himself might propose contract talks (if he wants it) with some demands or expectations. Or maybe rival managers could compete for the boxer’s signature (would be nice to have a fictional group of managers competing to sign fighters).

Drifting off to another topic…
Currently the ‘manager’ runs a gym, promotes the fight (actually there is no promotion currently) and can even dictate training and in fight tactics.

I think it would be more realistic if the player could hire a coach (who can take over training plans and tactical decisions in fights - if the player wishes to delegate that); a cut person (who accompanies the coach in the corner during fights); and a promoter (who builds up tension, rivalries and marketing interests). These three people (each with their own preferences and statistics) could be hired and different jobs delegated to them.

I’m hoping the next update includes some edits to how negotiations work. More terms, counter offers, and rival managers approaching me with offers. Personality clashes between boxers and media stories fueling tension would increase box office numbers and grow/damage reputations.

It’s a good game idea with potential.


Tons of good stuff in there.

We’re closely pulling together the next series of updates and yes negotiations are part of that together with title organisations controlling the titles better and regional titles.

Lots to come as we move out of our short summer holiday phase :slight_smile: September and October will hopefully full of new features. Again our desire is to put them out as we do them rather than one or two big bang releases. And again our prioritisation of features will be driven by player demand.

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This is an interesting angle given that we have always been very conscious that the person the player represents is an increasing rare individual. The Ali Act dealt the real world manager/promoter a serious blow and thus having hired employees doing some of the extra game work seems potentially fun.
However, we must keep our focus on what we are working towards with the next two to three updates:)