Warning re boxers contracts at the beginning

For Beta users.

Ok so as most will know, when you sign a new contract your fighter will lose money at the beginning, which gradually turns to profit as the contract runs out.

Wasn’t a huge issue before, but in the latest update Signing on fees have been increased.

I currently have 2 boxers in my gym. An amazing Heavyweight and a welterweight. However my heavyweights contract has 1 fight left, but I need 200k to renew it. Only problem is my welterweight has 7 fights left so is losing money per fight. I have 100k in the bank (have not signed anyone and only improved my gym to 4 people). So basically I lose my amazing heavyweight. Not really, I will be rage quit’ing and starting again :joy:.

I hope this makes sense. But basically, at the beginning try to have all your boxers on the same length contract expiring at the same time.

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And this is the guy I can’t afford to re-sign :sob::joy:


European champ as well on the verge of making some massive money in world title fights I’d be fuming😂

They haven’t increased by very much!!!
You must run some tight finances!!!:slight_smile:

Nah not really, the only money I had spent was on upgrading gym from 3 to 4. Only had 2 boxers, both my starter ones. Just played the way I usually do but never been hit with a contract renewal as big so early on. It’s avoidable though if you follow the advice above. Be wise, don’t be like TT :joy::joy:

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His next fight was a title one!! Was a bit pissed but hey, at least I have learned this lesson so others don’t make the same mistake :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::joy:

Imagine it’s your own, real-life, money. That’s the way we approach it.

Yeah but I had hardly spent anything. Just made the mistake of having contracts expiring at different times.

We will keep an eye (as we always do) on the balance of this. Should only be an impact when fighters are ranked top 1-5 across the board or champs.

Will let you know if any issues with my new game save. No big issue for me, just didn’t want others to fall down the same trap.

Your only upset cos he is Scottish :joy:
Hope your next game you get some English lads in. :wink:

Your joking, took me about 2 hours of refreshing to get him :joy::joy:

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We still struggle to believe that you do that at the start… But know that you do…

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:joy::joy:. God loves a trier pal. Getting a right collection of nicknames for you…
Scottish don king
Restart king
Or my personal fave… the ring general :joy:

You think I’m starting the game without a good Scottish boxer IM? Cmon mate, I moaned at you for months to add the countries :joy::joy:

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