Was I robbed in this fight

I’ll admit it was a very close fight, I was just wondering how judges scoring is based? because I feel like I won on points especially in certain rounds

I can’t answer this but I think it’s important to remember how judging works in the pro game. It’s not like Amateurs where it’s points scored per punch. Things like aggression come into play.

I believe there are also ‘dodgy’ judges programmed into the game, which is incredibly realistic. I think the scoring in this game is excellent. Normally the right decision, but the occasional head scratching one. Like on every single real card.

At a quick glance I scored it 6-6, maybe 7-5 Perez. I counted 5 Perez rounds, 3 Ervin rounds, and 4 toss ups so anything from 9-3 Perez to 7-5 Ervin is reasonable IMO.

@IronMike Maybe it would
be good to have judges names and profiles, nationality + score cards after the fight? Certain judges could be known as being a bit erratic in their scoring.

It could help fighters plan for fights. E.g. if a certain judge is scheduled to judge their upcoming fight, they suspect they wouldn’t get a decision on points so go for knockout.

Location of fight and % of fans in attendance supporting the fighter could also be interesting. Maybe some fighters crumble on the big stage with little support from fans. Other maybe thrive. An ‘ability to handle pressure’ attribute would be good - and again, could help in fight strategy preparation.

Few thoughts for the future…

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More characters in the game (judges, referees, managers, cut men) will start to appear soonish. We have timelines for all these things with everything largely dependent on something else coming before it :slight_smile:

But more characters and importantly interaction with them will be incrementally appearing.

Our current plan is, as is usually the case, to do lots of small but significant updates with player feedback as ever an integral part in shaping what and when.

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