Was my fighter robbed

Recently started a new save. And currently building my fighters back up and I think my boxer may have been robbed in his most recent fight….thoughts. My guy was josh stokes

Your guy definitely won 4 rounds (3,5,7,8)
He definitely lost round 2
Every other round shown (4,6,9,10) could be a swing round in favor of either guy. Not sure about round 1 as it isn’t pictured

That would make the cards go anywhere from 9-1 on the scorecards for your guy to 6-4 for the other guy.

Not necessary robbed, but a tough loss to swallow, nonetheless

What happened in round 1!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a few fights that landed this way with one of my fighters recently. I scored it mentally that I won by 2-3 points each match and had no worry, only to lose. I was devastated and confused. Was on a top 10 run and totally derailed my fighters career arch.

I just recently picked this game up, so by no means an expert, but the conclusion I came to after replaying the fights and strategy in my head, was that I probably lost the effective aggression battle by a wide margin to the judges, which swung some rounds. This is the one thing the scoreboard doesn’t illustrate that judges would look at, and the game engine I’m assuming does.

My fighter is a counter puncher naturally, and in these matches I was facing a brawler and pressure fighter, both with great knockout potential and aggression, and low punishment resistance. My plan was to whittle them down and take advantage of my stamina and punishment resistance and be safe and avoid a knockout since I had mediocre chin. I bounced between using natural strategy, and jab and move. Great overall strategy and allowed me to outpunch them by 25-35 punches

While this strategy allowed me control of the fight, and outpunch him overall, the rounds that were close, the other fighters I have to imagine had much better effective aggression compared to my fighters style. That’ll always swing a toss up round for a judge.

I could be completely wrong, but hoping this helps connects with your experience and possibly provides reasoning.

Iv said it before but I think the scoring is one of the best things in the game. The way it works, over 95% of the time it’s the right decision. But you also get the odd bad score, which makes it a lot more realistic.


Agreed, I think it’s awesome. I’m at about 350-400 matches total since I got the game and I think I only had maybe 5-10 matches that raised my eyebrows. Considering maybe 20-30% of matches probably have gone to the judges, that sounds right around the 5%ish mark like you said.

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We like the balance of the current system. Enough shocks to get pissed off but not too many as to be akin to one of the grotesques from the UK on a Saturday night.

Next update will be the addition of judge names and attributes.

One thing we will probably do here is to use a blend (for the first time) of static judges (ie in everyone’s games but not necessarily real…) and ai generated ones.

The same is something we are doing with other characters as part of the next version update.


Sounds great. Can’t wait to have a personal vendetta against an AI Judge by name…something my wife will never understand….