Watch this kid fight

I’ve been really into looking for prospects in boxing that look like future champs. I don’t know if I’ve watched any young fighter as talented as Jan Paul Rivera-Pizarro. He’s a 21 year old feather weight who’s currently 5-0-0 with 3 KO/TKO dubs (his BoxRec, as of today, still lists him as 4-0 but he won by UD last Saturday which they haven’t listed yet). He’s sooo good at practically everything. He slips punches like a veteran, seems to have good pop to his shots, displays good footwork, and is scary accurate. If you ever have a chance to watch him, do it. I linked his only fight on YouTube below, check it out.

BoxRec page

YouTube link

Check out Najee Lopez as well. 23 year old 5-0-0 (5KOs) Cruiserweight. Excellent puncher. Maybe not the same potential as Rivera-Pizarro but still the best Cruiserweight prospect right now imo.

YouTube fight link