WBA at last getting the flack it deserves

Some fall out for WBA this week. Boxing commission threatening to no longer sanction their fights.

Read a crazy stat: WBA has 34 title holders over 17 divisions. WBC/WBO/IBF combined have 54 over 18 divisions. Crooked at f!

What a mess boxing is in.


We saw that.

What an absolute shitshow this organisation is.

Depressingly so.

Semi seriously should we introduce a rogue organisation or at least some more variation to them. We have been thinking about 15 rounds for one of the orgs.

It’s an interesting idea for sure. Brining this kind of scandal into the game.

Iv seen people complain about decisions. Got me thinking. Perhaps an appeal option. Successful and you get a re-match. It would need to have rules so as not to be abused though. Perhaps 1 a year or something (or everyone would appeal every loss :joy:)

Love the idea of a rogue org. Not sure how it would work in practice though lol

It would go rogue with crazy titles and strong biases for certain regions. Things like that.

Ha I love that idea :joy:

We have the bias in there very mildly when it comes to regIonal title alignments…. Might be time to extend that.

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In the real world, it’s a shame that there can’t be just one champion in each weight class. Would also be nice if some of the champions fought more often - once or twice per year (or less) is ridiculous.

Yeah the amount of belts is a joke. Must be confusing for anyone just getting into boxing.