WBO title potentially?

Will there be a WBO title anytime soon in the game?

That would make the game so much better

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Absolutely I am hoping they add it one day

So what a fourth world title makes it more playable that at present?

Really? That much better…? How so…?:wink:

Just asking but how does one more world title, as opposed to all the other stuff we could add, make it “so much better”.

I didn’t mean any disrespect if that’s the way what I said came off I was just saying it would bring the game to being a tiny bit more realistic. And I feel it would just make the game a tiny bit more challenging and fun at the same time

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I enjoy realistic games but the amount of titles and how easy it is to be a ‘champion’ is what discourages me from following real life boxing the way I used to. I for one wouldn’t like to see this creep into the game, 3 world titles and a regional belt is plenty imo.

I’m of the opinion I would like it added as it is there in real life. But don’t think it’s a huge priority. Would also like the ring magazine belt added for those really huge fights.

No worries! It’s been a long week here of putting out stuff;)

And I’m pretty sure everyone who plays the game appreciates everything being done

The belt is there in real life and will make the game more realistic