WBSS type tournament

Would be nice if something like the WBSS was added to the game. Like irl it could have 2 different weight classes per year. Would be a good way for belts to be unified as well (perhaps 2 champions in each weight class).



We have been thinking somewhere along these lines.

We will be putting a poll up around priorities soon. We have our roadmap but lots of players wanting stuff and we want to know what you’re all thinking. :slight_smile:

Tournaments in general are cool…


I think a league table of gyms is needed.

All fighters in the game could be signed to a gym. There could be a long list of gyms in the game. Fighters may be very loyal or move gyms frequently.

The league table can show the number of belts won, wins, losses, current champions, net worth, overall reputation, maybe an overall gym world ranking, etc.

Currently, the game feels a bit too easy, and lacking competition. This would give the player a way of measuring achievement.


Re new fighters joining your gym… I think something could do with adjusting. At the moment if you buy a new fighter with zero fights but good stats, you will lose normally lose money per fight. Normally around 250k to start with I have found. However if you buy a journey man but higher in the rankings then you will normally turn over profit.

I think this should be the other way around. Small profit or break even for new fighters. The game should reward you for developing your own talent and not just buying guys in the top 30 or so. It’s unlikely any novice would be making the kind of money in his first few fights to lose you 250k a time.

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We look forward to getting some versions to beta this week and allowing players to comment and shape this some more.

Looking forward to that.