Welcome to 1-2 Promotions

I’ve bitten the bullet and restarted, with 1-2 Promotions.

My first gym, The Art of Boxing is based in the UK. Currently, I’m not having a head trainer until I’m making some decent money

I’m having one guy to start with, who was a 19-year-old Lightweight by the name of Dan Cooke

I’m going to use this thread to post yearly, or game-changing updates!

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Good luck with the new game.

But hire a trainer man. It won’t bankrupt you. Your man won’t improve otherwise. I always hire the best available and have never had issues.

And if you don’t mind me saying, that’s pretty bold starting with just one boxer who has 7 chin :flushed:. Wouldn’t be me!

It’s not his chin rating that bothers me, 2 fights, 2 wins, 2 injuries due to cuts :rage:

Problem being you are going to have to direct all attribute points to his chin. But his ring generalship needs lots of work as well.

Going to be a tough game man. Be interesting to see how it pans out :sunglasses:

4 fights, 4 wins, 2 by stoppage…and 4 cuts which required injury layoffs…Balls!

Year 1 update

I’ve improved his chin rating, and his defence rating improved through training. Still 17 potential points left and money is starting to be made. Lost £17.5k in the first year, which I’m ok with.

Hats off to you pal. That’s going to be a challenging start to a career.

We love this thread
And get a trainer.

Year 2 update

Increased his chin from 8 to 9, but a couple of poor matchmaking decisions on my behalf gave my guy two losses. Still, feeling hopeful can get to European level with this guy.


Due to an ill advised trip to the bookies, 1-2 Promotions will be shutting it’s doors…Luckily, though. It will be replaces by One Two Promotions!

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Welcome to One Two :boom::boxing_glove: Promotions

First up at Team Glassjaw is David Thompson.

A young light heavyweight who I think could make a dent at world level, but with work to do for his punch accuracy, but with 15 potential, there’s scope!

Team Glassjaw’s head trainer is Carl Greene, good trainer for the first couple of years, I expect.

I’d like David to be at European level by the end of the second year.

Year One update

David has made a good start to his career here at Team Glassjaw. Currently, 5-0, all coming by stoppage.

Got his accuracy up to 9 from 6, and that is to a couple of good bets, I’ve managed to upgrade the gym.

Haha didn’t think you would get far with that boxer.

If I was you I would adjust this guys training plan. Focus on ring gen at the expense of punishment… hope you have been reading all the tips on here. Ring Gen is hugely important.

Also not sure why you are only picking one boxer. Your as well going with 3. If they are not good enough just release them after their contract ends. You sometimes get good ones that don’t look so great in the signing screen.

Anyway, good luck with this one :sunglasses:

I’ve got intensive on ring craft, and minimal on strategy.

I think the main reason why I only have one guy to start with is that’s when I had most success on a save was when I started with just one guy…Habit I guess!

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