What do y’all use the ‘Followed’ fighters feature for?

I follow the fighters that leave my ring or retire. That way, I have every non-active fighter who’s impacted my gym along the way in one place. But I didn’t start doing that until recently.

Does anyone else use it? If so, what for?

The major update in the new year includes a wholly revised way to follow fighters as well as search for fighters across the game. It’s not the most evolved of features as is currently but as with most elements of the current game we are iterating it for this next update.


I use it in exactly the same way, but again only recently

Also use it for guys that had yet to debut, but I missed before they booked a fight, so I could hopefully go and sign them after their bout

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When searching for new fighter’s is there a quick selection for ‘specific weight class’ - instead of scrolling through all available fighters ?

All of this is being resolved with some cool new screens and features. Hang in there.