What do you think about buying rookies

What do you think about paying real money to buy a fighter? So it could be £1.99 for rookie who has potential to make it to world class boxer at random weight. Then maybe £2.99 for a specific weight?
I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea paying real money. But it’s something that could be fun.

I would also like to see some way to customise fighters or even have a place in settings to put some names in that will show up in your game and you can also chose a nation with these names.

I don’t really see the need to be honest. The game offers you plenty anyway. If anything the game is too easy.

Though if it’s something people wanted I don’t see why not. As long as current odds were not adjusted to make it harder to get top rookies normally. Pay to win is one the worst additions to modern games imo.

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Pay to win isn’t something am fan of either prefer putting the work in so it’s earned

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I haven’t had problems in getting good rookie and winning titles with them and have done loads of restarts. But over last few weeks there’s been a few new people who have been struggling. So way I see it is as long as developers don’t change the the amount and quality of boxers who come through naturally then what’s the harm? It’s a good game, you don’t get bombarded with adverts. It gives developers more money to improve game. If you look at in game purchases all that’s there is extra in game money. A good rookie fighter is worth a lot more in beginning of game than £10 million in bank.
I don’t think pay to win is something developers will do. From what I have seen and heard on hear the most important thing to them is making a good quality, fun game to play.

But you can just keep restarting until you get at least one top fighter at the start of the game. And then once you get a champion you get offered loads of top talents anyway.

Hey Iv no doubt that the devs would do the right thing. They love this game too. Just think being able to buy a ready made champion is a step too far. You can never simply buy a top striker for real money in any of the football manager games. It would be hugely frowned upon by its playerbase I expect.

From what I can see, new players that are struggling are doing so because they were unaware what the key stats you need your boxers to have are.

Agreed which is why we went down the road we have. Awful way to play any type of game and the complete opposite mindset to ours.

Equally charging for games is a truly horrific way to monetise a game though on the App Store. :slight_smile: If people were prepared to pay more for iPhone games (we baulked at paying 14.99 for an iPhone game yesterday and we’re militant about pricing being higher).
And that’s not even getting to the abuse you may receive on doing a new version of a game :wink:

We don’t believe it in as a model.

I actually don’t think it’s terrible charging for a new game if the update is huge and game changing. Had no problem paying for this version having played the previous one.