What got you into boxing?

So what got you guys into boxing?

If I’m honest it was probably the Rocky films for me. Particularly Rocky 2 which I had on video as a young lad and watched on repeat. First real boxer I remember watching was Barry McGuigan. My Dad made me watch it, as Rocky was a ‘load of rubbish’ :joy:.

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Being woken in the middle of the night by my dad as a very young kid for fights when they were on late or next day viewings when that was “a thing”.

Also a huge factor in being into boxing was Wednesday’s Sportsnight coverage as well as old Radio 2 boxing commentaries midweek and the British champs around time of Magri, Hope, Minter etc. Very cool.

I watched Minter v Hagler this week. Sounds like Minter was some boxer!

Also remember Frank Bruno on bbc as a kid.

Bruno on a Wednesday night knocking out another bum was always a catch it while you can type activity :slight_smile:

Damn right. Crazy to think back then that there hadn’t been a UK world heavyweight champ in over 100 years. There was huge pressure on good old Frank. Spoilt now.

I was exactly the same, Rocky movie as a kid. Loved watching Big Fight Live on ITV on a Saturday night. Nigel Benn was my favourite fighter growing up, some cracking tear ups.


I went to the old Wembley the night he beat McCall. Crazy night. Good bill of fights as well.

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Watched that in a packed pub in Edinburgh. Great atmosphere.

The Benn, Eubank era was amazing.