What if and historic match ups etc

Just posted this on the Discord server (that is starting to be cool in our humble opinion) and wondered what people’s view were here…

When we first started doing boxing sims and games (last century) we started by doing lots of historic and What if type match ups. Always intrigues as that noone else seems very interested in that :slightly_smiling_face:
We mention it as we’re tempted to add some old (real life) guys into the game as a random type thing. We think that would be cool but also just to use the fight engine and screens (and betting :)) in another way.
Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Yeah for sure. These things are always cool. I remember I had a wee go of a Fury v AJ simulator you did previously. That would be a cool wee extra on the game.

Ha! We forgot we did that!
Must go and have a look for that.
Shame that fight never happened. :frowning:

Still think wee see that fight at some point. Won’t believe Fury is retired until someone else has that WBC and Ring belt!

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