What is Going on with Boxing?

It’s going on almost a month now without a big-time fight. Bivol-Zurdo didn’t get too hyped up, and that’s probably been the fight with the most potential since AJ-Usyk 2 in AUGUST! Seriously, for a sport that relies on viewership and PPV buys for their stars to get paid, boxing is effing up big time right now. And what fights coming up are exciting? Fury fights next week, no one cares. Same goes for Chocolatito (which is more understandable given the weight class but he is fighting a stronger opponent). Before the end of January, we have Inoue, Teofimo, Bud, Warrington, Beterbiev, Charlo, and Tank (all considered PPV caliber guys) all scheduled, but there appears to be absolutely no hype around any of the fights. Is Canelo the only guy that gets boxing fans talking? And half of it is just hate!

How does boxing fix itself? They need some of these upcoming fights to do well, and there seems to be no way of getting fight fans interested right now.

It’s crazy.

Absolutely killing the sport and interest in it.

Even as far down the food chain as we are and we see the effects of a diminishing interest/awareness in the sport.

Of course it will be able temporarily to have the odd night but unless it’s careful the sports going to end up going the way of something like horse racing in the Uk which again, bar big events, is largely dead beyond hyper-afficianados and betting necessity.

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Promotors are shooting themselves in the foot. It’s all about self interest. Which is stopping so many big fights being made. It’s a weird world as well where some actually support promotions companies instead of boxers.

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Too many one sided contests and lack of the best fighting the best. It’s the only sport where complete mismatches are a deliberate and regular occurrence. I’ve loved the sport for years but hate what it is quickly becoming.


Totally agree.

Next big version is hopefully a better version of the real thing :wink:

Promotions companies that don’t do business with each other? Can’t wait :joy:

Add in the option for your top fighter to fight a barely ranked guy in order to protect his 0, but his box office stat apparently keeps going up lol