What is realistic when ranking fighters!?

Dubois jumps to number 2? Ahead of Ruiz, Parker, and Pulev? Unless I’m mistaken, he hasn’t beaten anyone in the top 10, but he jumps to 2nd?
I’m a fan of Dubois, but this seems a bit premature.

What factors are being used in the boxing manager game to determine rankings? I don’t know what is realistic anymore.

Boxing is a bit of a joke really. The federations are just after the sanctioning fees. The amount of different champions WBC have for example is ridiculous.

DDD is a great prospect. But should be nowhere near a title fight. He hasn’t fought anyone of note yet.

I quite like that we don’t know how rankings work for each fed in boxing manager. Makes it very realistic :grin:

This is what makes creating BM so much fun and such a pain in the ass… The lack of any actual rules to the sport of boxing outside of the ring from no fixture lists, no consistency or structure whatsoever…

The criteria of the world bodies ranges from obscure and corrupt to arcane and unbelievably complex and then some other places in between. :slight_smile:

We have fiddled around with the rankings a lot and one of the biggest ball-aches in going from one world title to now three and then more is that each have to vary and yet look believable.

We have just released a version (1.00.04 to beta and hopefully to App Store in a day or so) that has us changing the ranking method again to make it appear realistic…

The WBO rankings are, we think it’s fair to say, a fucking joke and up there with the worst of them…
If you want to look something more interesting the WBA rules contains the ancient charts that they apparently still use to calculate their rankings. Don’t know if they actually use them but there’s some structure there! Check them out here from about page 52

We think it good that the actual method is obscure in the game across each of the world titles. At the moment it’s fair to say that the rankings are fair and unbiased in terms of results. Be cool to get to the place soon where they can be influenced by more than results…:slight_smile:

The simple answer to the question here is that whilst each ranking has to have some variation we always rank on a ladder basis so that a fighter beating another guy always goes higher. How much higher is the variation we apply per result and per world title.

This rules out rating systems such as Elo-based systems. We use those elsewhere in the game however…

Thank you again for the best boxing sim out there. The ratings algorithm I know must be one of the most challenging elements the developers has to work with.

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