What’s the First Fight you ever watched Live?

Looking for 3 answers here:

  1. What was the first fight you ever watched live?

  2. What was the best fight you’ve ever watched live?

  3. If you’ve ever been to a fight in person, what was the best fight you’ve ever been to?

For me, it was:

  1. Sergio Mora vs Peter Manfredo
  2. Fury vs Wilder 3
  3. Luis Ortiz vs Charles Martin (I’ve only ever been to one event)
  1. Barry McGuigan v someone. Not sure who against but I was obsessed with Rocky so my oldman made me watch a real fight haha.

  2. yeah I would probably say Fury Wilder 3 as well.

  3. Alex Arthur v Michael Gomez.

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  1. Buchanan vs Duran
  2. Ali vs Norton III (was at an auditorium for closed circuit broadcast)

Have chatted to Ken about the Duran fight. He still feels robbed haha. In reality though, Duran put down a bit of a beating.

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