What’s your top 5 P4P?

So with Josh’s win at the weekend there has been a lot of chat online about P4P. Josh crept into The Ring top 5. First Brit to accomplish that since the brilliant Calzaghe.

So what’s your own top P4P at the moment?

I will go with

  1. Canelo - of course

  2. Naoya Inoue - 3 weight champion in 20 fights. Absolute Monster indeed.

  3. Josh Taylor - yeah I’m biased but I don’t care :joy:. Undisputed in 18 fights. Crazy achievement regardless where he is from.

  4. Errol Spence Jr - best Welterweight for me. Unified and some great wins.

  5. Teofimo Lopez - kind of undisputed. Well not really but he beat a P4P great to win his belts.

Yeah Iv missed out Crawford. Think he is great but just don’t think his recent wins are all that great.

No Aj or Fury?
Or Jake Paul?!

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Iv kind of just went down the tried and tested route of not including heavyweights. Also Fury is awesome but Wallin and Schwartz :thinking:. And AJs last few fights not impressive either.

Jake Paul probably needs to beat some more non boxers before he can be included. Would like to see him fight Ronnie O’Sullivan or Rory McIlroy next.

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1:Canelo |
2:Inoue |
3:Fury |
4:Crawford |
5:Taylor |

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  1. Canelo
  2. Inoue
  3. Errol spence jr
  4. Fury
  5. Taylor

No 1 and 2 are dead certs for me but rest could change. Crawford, Lopez and usyk were hard to leave out of top 5.


I know mate I felt bad leaving some out

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I think if someone asked me that tomorrow I would give a completely different no 3,4,5.
After mayweather smashes Paul up can I put him back in contention? :joy:

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Crawford was the hardest for me to leave out. Was him or Teofimo for me. Teofimo getting his fake undisputed clinched it. Even if he has been a bit of a dick, bad mouthing Taylor the last cpl of days :joy:

Must admit though, i went down the ‘fight disciples’ route of basing it of their last 5 fights as well.