What should I do?

My fighter has been undisputed champion for ages and I believe unbeatable in their weight class and is definitely a future hall of fame candidate and is the ranked goat and currently p4p I feel like I should move him up in class but is it to late in his career?

You should your fighter up in weight. It’s never too late. In IRL, Crawford is going to move up to 154 at 35 and Pacquiao moved up his 8th weight class at 31. Your fighter is in the middle of that area so it’s definitely possible to extend his career into another weight class.

Check your fighters health. If he’s still good and assuming he’s able to more Kg to his frame then sure go for it

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I’ve got a similar fighter, but a bit younger at 28. I decided to keep him at his weight as although Undisputed for 5 years, I’ve never struggled to find an opponent for him. If/when that changes, I’ll move him up

Interestingly though when younger I’m sure the trainer’s advice was that he would struggle to fill out higher weights, but now it looks like he can move up with the minimum risk of lower stats - does the game make it easier for fighters to move up as they age?

I think it’s easier once they have more fights to gain experience at that weight, it usually says if it’s too soon an they need something like 6 months

Your Boxer has 20 for power, punishment and chin. Personally I would be looking to move up at least 2 more weights. All about the legacy. Even if he loses stats he should still win belts. Just make sure you check out what is the belt situation at the higher weight and time it right so you get a shot right away.

It’s after experience gained at the particular weight.

Although for some boxers the advice will be to never move them up. When you do move these boxers up you are likely to lose power, punishment and/or chin stats.

Thanks to everyone who replied I’m gonna take him up in class it may have to be two because the class above i already have a unified champ

This reminds me of my retired fighter Roy Jones jr
he was a 2 time undisputed light heavy moved up to heavy and became a 3 time champ
retired at 33