When are we getting

When is the new update coming?

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Usually slow this time of year for updates but for sure iron Mike makes up for it throughout the year mate

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We are taking a different approach with this update.

We have put so many updates out over the past two years that we want and to be honest need to take some time updating things, ironing out some old bugs, improving performances and generally updating stuff in a way you cannot do with releases every 2-4 weeks.

We will be a while longer on this update as the scale of it is very considerable. We will have news when it’s available in some form of testing or when we are confident and happy with what we’ve got.


Best take your time until your happy with it for sure. Looking forward to it.

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Looking forward to it. Always a few nice unexpected surprises in your updates. :+1:
I know you don’t like to give much away but I am hoping we might get a couple of young lads coming through with maybe an Olympic medal showing? Haha.

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I was personally hoping we’d get the Ring Girl update. But Olympic boxing credentials is cool too…


Hey do u think u can make acutual boxers boxing in the ring

That’s what you have pornhub for you little pervert. Haha


On this topic we just added ringcardGirlsBasic to the show costs constants! Had to be done but feels somewhat dirty having done so.