When will he retire?

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We are looking at the retirements to force these guys….

Once Apple approve this build (submitted Friday) then we will look at this.


I kind of admire him for fighting this long.

Meanwhile I´ve got guys retiring at 27. Oh, the contrasts. :joy:


How many…? We have checked things over from that perspective and the percentage distribution of retirees looks correct at that level.

I always felt if there was a cap on their talent and they just couldn’t evolve past other boxers, the game would just force retirement?

I tend to drop them from my stable when there are 2-3 losses over a year or so.

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Not that many at 27 but plenty at 29-30 in my current game.

Just an idea, could this have something to do with the amount of losses they have? There are so many game generated fighters at the start of the game that have very mediocre records.

That’s weird. When you say plenty can you send over a couple of examples for us to take a look at…?

There’s more to it than a cap on their talents etc there’s also the fighter’s own perspective and interpretation of their career.
There is also a factoring in of stoppages/KOs into the fighter’s underlying retirement decision.

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That sounds like a very good idea actually. That would make some sense.

I figure that might have something to do with it. I will screenshot my early retirees from now on so I can give you some examples. Is it their stats screen that you want to look at?

Cool. Yes that will do for us.

That’s a good shout and makes sense alongside the general distribution of retirements.

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That’s a point - early in the game you fight the Glass Joes of the world, with records like 2-19.

Here are two recent examples. Both have 10+ losses.

Ok makes sense. Weird that guy got to the top but it happens :slight_smile:

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