When will we finally get an editor?

when will we finally get an editor? this has been desired for ages! and it was already announced in the past that something like this could come soon. and that’s been over a year now. where you can edit everything. the stats of your own fighters as well as the computer, edit all names, etc. unfortunately the game is slowly getting boring.

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We still aren’t sure about a full editor.

We have lots of things coming to make things fresh in coming weeks and months:)

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Or rather, we have things coming up that will add variation and extend the game far more than an editor will. :wink: or that’s the theory…


Would be good to be able to have real names. E.g. A database editor or ability to upload user created content.

Get it up our agenda here :wink:


It’s a weird one. When the ability to edit names first came in I thought I would be all over it. Reality is I think I used it once. That may be partly due to the fact only your own stable can have real names. But I think it’s more due to the fact that the game in essence is really about bringing through and developing your own boxers. So naturally they will have random names.

Plus within about 10 years you would have mostly made up names anyway, which is pretty quick in game time on BM (say compared to FM).

Where it would really work for me is having retro games saves with pre programmed boxers that come through. So a 1980 game start, with an 18 year old Mike Tyson appearing in 1985 for example. Now that would be incredible. But I also have no idea how complicated that is. And more importantly how legal. My thinking is that the game saves would have to be independent from the actual game. So a community thing. Possibly something that would be easier to do on the PC version.


Yeah, I think this is more realistic for the PC version. An editor shouldn’t be much of a problem there. With an editor, anyone who’s interested can make their own database (their own mod) and share it with the rest of us. This is how it’s done with many other sim games I have played and there wouldn’t be a legal issue.


For PC it’s simple and almost a given.

For iOS and mobile it’s far from simple both in terms of implementing it in an easy way as well as messes with the far more complex business models. We’d love it for mobile but most difficult is the ability (on iOS) to share data between players in an easy way and accessible way.

Also we separate this into two areas and that’s how we are looking at this in our updates and design.

One/ game editor. Editing stuff around game world parameters. Such as fight/round lengths, title eligibility and stuff like that which configure the game world.
Two/ in game data.

One is on our agenda for all platforms and we think adds a lot of cool stuff.
Two is definitely, as we look at it, more PC based for reasons outlined briefly above.