When you lose regional title

It would be nice if the banner said former champion. I’m sure that’s planned though.

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Yeah the whole title banner thing… We have a better solution re: honours/titles etc :slight_smile:
as ever, bear with us. You know we get there :slight_smile:


Is there regional titles on iOS yet?

It’s on the Beta mate.

How would I get the beta?

This version is coming to the phone as usual update in next few hours.

Cheers for that mate

Sorry to bother you, but there’s no champ in regional

In what way? In the new update there should initially be a load of vacant titles in the title menu. Over time fights will be made for them.

Make sure on the opening screen that it’s version 1.01.00


Wait so there shouldn’t be a champ for regionals in the beginning

There are vacant titles that slowly have fights added to them as the game world progresses and updates.