When's the next update?

Been playing recently and enjoying it and just wondering whens the next update?

From all the replies on this forum, it looks like the developers are working hard. I’m sure they want to provide updates as soon as possible - but let’s not put any additional pressure on them to speed up. I’d guess the next update is not too far away, but some things take time to get right.

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Well said. They’re bringing in so much new incredible additions soon, it takes time as always.

Not sure when the next update is but we’re working hard on it. :slight_smile: We are also on the iOS side advising and working with the guys in our business who are making our Android version.

We have lots on the go so whilst there’s a (relative for us) lull in the iOS updates that’s only because we’re busy on many fronts. Expect something (hopefully) cool soonish :slight_smile:

But as @Charlie_Mason says it does take time. Making a sports sim for a sport without (outside of the ring) much in the way of rules or consistency is a lot fun but provides a consistently difficult challenge.