Who are Your Favorite Prospects?

Thought it’d be cool to have a place to look back on to see how young boxers that I think have potential actually turn out. I tried to keep the fighters to under 15 professional fights (there some with a couple more), and I’ve separated them by weight class. Feel free to add your own. These are in no particular order:

Alen Babic (Croatia)
Johnny Fisher (UK)
Antonio Mireles (USA)
Richard Torrez Jr (USA)
Jared Anderson (USA)
Thomas Carty (Ireland)

Najee Lopez (USA)
Jordan Thompson (UK)

Light Heavyweight:
Padraig McCrory (Ireland)
Richard VanSiclen (USA)
Karol Itauma (UK)

Super Middleweight:
Diego Pacheco (USA)
Bektemir Melikuziev (Uzbekistan)
Pavel Silyagin (Russia)

Troy Isley (USA)
Austin Williams (USA)
Lorenzo Simpson (USA)

Super Welterweight:
Caoimhin Agyarko (Ireland)
Amari Jones (USA)
Marques Valle (USA)

Radzhab Butaev (Russia)
Florian Marku (Albania)

Super Lightweight:
Pierce O’Leary (Ireland)
Dalton Smith (UK)
Richardson Hitchens (USA)
Jusiyah Shirley (USA)

Julio Solis (USA)
Frank Martin (USA)
Mark Chamberlain (UK)

Super Featherweight:
Marc Castro (USA)
Oscar Alvarez Jr (Mexico)

Raymond Ford (USA)
Jan Paul Rivera Pizarro (Puerto Rico)
Dominic Valle (USA)

Super Bantamweight:
Hopey Price (UK)

Lee McGregor (UK)
Dylan Price (USA)

Jairo Noriega (Spain)


Adam azim is one of top prospects in uk. He looks very good and has a good amateur background. Think he’s had 6 or 7 fights. All have been on sky so it’s not hard to find footage.
How highly do you rate Jonny fisher? I have seen you mention him a few times. I have watched a few of his fights and he looks decent. I think it’s hard to judge potential with heavyweights. They can look brilliant then turn out to have poor engine or can’t bounce back from a big punch.

Yes Azim is a good addition to the list, thanks!

Came on here to add Moses Itauma as well. He’s turning pro now and he’s going to make some major noise in the heavyweight division sooner rather than later

Didn’t even notice the second half of your comment before lol. Fisher is decent. Probably a ranked guy on the future but not at the level of Itauma or Anderson in my opinion. Same goes for Mireles but I think his size alone, if he learns how to manage distance, could steal him a fight against anyone.

Also, Azim is going for 12 rounds against 12-0 Santos Reyes. Never seen Reyes fight but excited to see Azim step up in such a big way!

I hadn’t heard of Anderson until about 12-18 months ago. Fury had used him for sparring and he did an interview raving about him. I have watched what I can find on net and he looks very promising.
Hopefully he will be a good test. I won’t lie, I know nothing of Reyes. I want to see azim get dragged into a bit of a dog fight or at least get his chin tested. make sure he isn’t like his hero amir “glass jaw” Kahn.haha. I was hoping charlton was going to put up a decent fight but he got blown away.
There’s a decent uk event on 21st jan. Beefy smith Eubank jr.


Andersons the real deal, I think. It’ll be him and Moses Itauma who are the next generation of heavyweight champs, I think. A fight between the two of them would be legendary