Who is up for this challenge ? 👀

I’ve been thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone had a boxer go his entire career ONLY fighting against undefeated opponents? No matter the rank, this boxer’s only mission in life is to take away his opponents’ zero.

@John_Griffin1 This is inspiring us a lot over the course of the weekend to think of other challenges/achievements.

It’s been on them back burner for a while whilst we’ve been designing the bigger new features but achievements in general (based on challenges) is cool.

Obvious ones like taking a HW beyond Marciano. A Welshman over Calzaghe’s record. Finding a HW younger than Tyson to title etc etc.
And then stuff like your idea :slight_smile:


@John_Griffin1 I accept your challenge and I’ll keep you posted on the career

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Hell yea and vice versa

My challenge didn’t start off that well :rofl: but hopefully he’ll find his feet now

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Yup I actually do this all the time when I have a hot prospect. It’s won me world titles and screwed me completely lol