Who’s Your P4P Top 10?

It’ll be interesting to see some responses here, a lot of differing outlooks on the current boxing scene I’d bet. Here’s mine:

1: Naoya ‘Monster’ Inoue
2: Oleksandr Usyk
3: Errol ‘The Truth’ Spence Jr
4: Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez
5: Tyson ‘Gypsy King’ Fury
6: Dmitrii Bivol
7: Shakur Stevenson
8: Devin ‘The Dream’ Haney
9: Josh ‘The Tartan Tornado’ Taylor
10: Arthur Beterbiev

Honorable Mentions: Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez and Jermell Charlo. Really like both of them but not enough to surpass anyone in the top 10


Does Terence Crawford not exist?

Not in my P4P top 10. More like top 15 imo. Still a very talented fighter.

Crawford > Spence… just saying

In your opinion. I prefer Spence. Hopefully they fight and prove who’s the true #1 in the division.

Josh The Tartan Tornado Warrington? Is that bait :rofl:

Will need to give this one some thought.

Hahahahaha was waiting for you to come along. I knew you would notice it. I’ll fix it now

Haha good list by the way. Surprised no Crawford though. I don’t think Spence has a better resume personally. 3 weight champ and former undisputed.

1 Usyk
2 Canelo
3 Inoue
4 Crawford
5 Spence
6 Lomachenko
7 Taylor
8 Haney
9 Stevenson
10 Bivol

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I like Crawford, don’t get me wrong. But I like the guys ahead of him for a) recent activity and/or b) recent strength of competition. Still, it’s a toss up for those 7-10 spots imo. Like 10 solid options there that could all be good picks. You’ve got yourself a very good list as well.

Only thing I’m really sure about is the top 3. Though not sure what order.

It’s hard to pick a top 10. It shows that however much people like to talk it down, boxing is in a good place currently.

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Loma is the only surprise there I say the charlo brothers don’t get there respect enough. There practically unknown to the causal yet kings of there divisions.

For me Loma is the definition of losing one fight and suddenly being crap to boxing fans. About 95% or his pro career has been title fights. I would still fancy him to beat everyone at lightweight if they fight him.

Yeah Loma is still elite. Loma vs Haney is the fight to make in 2023. I’d be more excited for that fight than I am for Crawford vs Spence.

Yeah fingers crossed we see that. It’s weird, about a year ago people were talking about the lightweights division like it was on par with The 4 kings era. Now half of them are seen as crap cause they lost a fight :rofl:. Boxing fans are mental.

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I hate how boxing fans/media handles losses. That’s the one thing I prefer in UFC. Losses are important, but if you lose to a good fighter, you’re still a good fighter. Loma is an elite fighter. Probably in the Hall of Fame when he decides to call it a career. Haney has yet to fight a truly elite fighter. I think he’s elite, and I think most people would probably agree. But, Loma can definitely beat him!

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I once had an argument online with someone who said Sugar Ray Robinson can’t be considered a great due to his loses. I think it’s a mixture of the Mayweather affect and Social Media giving absolute morons a voice :rofl:. People you would normally walk away from and laugh at in a pub.

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Exactly. The worst thing we’ve ever done is give everyone a platform. Makes stupid people popular

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How is Inoue number one?? Who has he beaten to be there?

Have you not seen much of him? Incredible boxer. And 3 weight champ and currently holds 3 belts (and Ring) at Bantamweight. He is an easy inclusion for me. I can see why anyone would put him as first,