Who should win this?

I’m honestly worried my up and comer could get beat here, can you guys put your opinions, I’ll post results in comments

(black is my boxer)

In short, why would you make that fight? I’d say that your guy is going going to get outboxed with those punch accuracy and defence stats.

Never fight anyone (reigning champ excepted) that might have a chance of beating your guy…
This fight is one NOT to make :wink:

He won by TKO in the eighth!!

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Then I stand very much corrected. Looks like the guy’s ring gen took control in the fight dynamics and the rest is now history.

Good work :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t go near that fight unless it’s a unification. You need to think like a promotor here. Way too risky. Glad he got the win though :sunglasses:

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