Who uses the fight instructions?

I just began to wonder am I the only one that plays this game that doesn’t use the different instructions during fights.

In my head I just can’t imagine Eddie Hearn or any other promoter/manager making in fight adjustments.

Ps…. I think they are cool and a good addition to the game this isn’t me hating just wondering if anyone has the same mindset as me :slight_smile:

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I’ll use them when I feel it necessary. Probably like 90% of the time I leave it alone but I will tell my guy to go all out towards the end of the fight or conserve and fight defensive if he’s up big or against a big puncher. I understand your point of view, and I agree that a promoter wouldn’t be giving his fighters tips during a fight.

My question is, does anyone bet on fights? Or even their own fighters? I will on occasion if I’m short on cash early in the game, but I never do once I’m making big money

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Like everything in the game we try to create a model whereby if you want to takeover or intervene you can. With some reward/cost associated.

Can’t imagine Hearn doing it so specifically but plenty stay vvv close to ringside for this purpose.

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Yea eddie Hearn isn’t known for his boxing knowledge far as training lol. But we see Floyd instruct tank for sure

I’ve found going to the body early can help you gain the stamina advantage and in late rounds I’ve had mixed results with pile on the pressure, but it often helps.


Me :slight_smile:

Pile on the pressure to seal a finish and increase chance of Box Office increase…