Who won this fight?

Personally I have one of my many fighters hairs winning this by UD without the 2 knockdowns I would agree a loss for him without the 2 knockdowns as without these I have it 5/6 rounds against 6/7 rounds but with the 2 knockdowns he scored I think he definitely got robbed with a draw atleast it’s not a loss lol.

Nah! :slight_smile:

We could see that scored close to a draw. Lots of rounds that looks strong for one guy on scoring gets the other guy catching the judges eye with power shots. Plus 2-4 close rounds make that hard to be conclusive about in my mind… Let alone the judges…

You could realistically score 9 rounds for the other guy, based on power punches landed, control time, or shots landed.

Maybe with the knockdowns you’re guy should’ve won, but you were far from robbed