Why am I losing money

I seem to be winning fights but I’m losing money each week. I’ve just started so I’m not sure how to play properly

Is it a boxer you recently signed? You will likely lose money per fight when you sign a new fighter or you offer your starter fighters the longest contract. It will turn into profit when you get into a decent ranking position. You need to manage your money very carefully at the beginning.

Payback on a contract is approximately around 40-50% of time through contract on the assumption that the fighter has won each fight in contract. Payback per fight can be earlier if a fighter is exceeding expectations. Conversely this can be later/never if the fighter’s fights are below expectation\losses.

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Yeah it’s really only early doors that you even notice it. Iv went bankrupt before in the first cpl of years when I signed a new fighter and was losing around 50k a fight with him. Ended up not being able to offer any of my boxers a new contract.

That happened to me and I had to restart the game. Is there a way out of bankruptcy?

Thank you this helps a lot. Also my fighters have been ranked #1 a lot and I can’t get a title fight instead they give me people ranked #10+ and I have 20% chance of winning

How do you change a fighters weight class ?

Sometimes you need to get the other feds rankings high as well to get the title shot.

He can move up a division once the boxer is a champion.