Why can’t I make this fight?

I should be able to make a fight w the IBF champ, right? Am I misunderstanding something?

My guy:

NAmer: Champ
WBC: 8
WBA: 5
IBF: 1
No fight scheduled

Other dude:
Africa: -
WBC: 3
WBA: 2
IBF: Champ
No fight scheduled

Other dude doesn’t show up for match making.

Your rankings in the other federations are probably stopping it. You are eligible but it’s not guaranteed. He may be looking for a more glamorous fight, probably with one of the other champions. Get your ranking up with the other feds, that will help you get the title shot.

And in a nutshell that is probably it. Without mandatories he doesn’t have to do anything.
Obviously next point is when do mandatories come? Again we’re driven by data and game play and at the moment the numbers show that mandatories will actually decrease the chance of a title shot not increase. :slight_smile: And that gets even more frustrating if we open up the ranking eligibility of titles with even more eligible fighters not getting a shot.
We will be doing some more work to explain in game the titles and offering more commentary in instances such as this where the champ staying silent doesn’t help. He simply needs to say he doesn’t want or need to fight your man.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile: It’s not an easy thing to code but yet it’s one of our favourite things about the sport and the game. In football we know the rules, you win the games you get to the final etc etc. Here you win the fight and sometimes just get bullshit back again. :slight_smile:

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Love it. Makes sense to me on why. Glad I asked. I thought once he was eligible you could always make the fight.