Why my fighters can meet for the title?

I have 2 of the best super middleweight in my gym but ne matter what I do they can face either for the titles one have all 4 belt and the other undefeated and ever beat all the title shot contenders.

The option for boxers from the same gym fighting each other was removed quite recently. So not going to happen I’m afraid.

In this position I tend to vacate titles so the other fighter in my gym can fight for them. I always check the rankings to see what fights I can potentially get before vacating belts. I currently have 4 different champs at welterweight lol

I think Curly is ready to take the step up to super middleweight anyway

Yes i think that what I’m going to go it too easy for him now but I have like 5 champs in 5 different categories and all number 1 contenders are from my gym

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Damn I didn’t notice that just in august I was playing like that thanks

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They asked the forums opinion on this one before making the change. Most at the time generally thought it’s very unrealistic having boxers from the same gym and the same coach fighting each other.

There has been chat however about allowing boxers from different gyms within your organisation to be able to fight though. Which I think would be a good addition.

Must admit, I do kind of miss creating big in-house PBC style fights :sunglasses:

You should consider adding it back! Nothing better than seeing your 2 legendary fighters brawl it out

Different gyms is fair. :slight_smile: We aren’t going back to fights from same gyms. :wink:

Quite right as well. It was a bit silly really. And also easy to manipulate rankings if you knew how :joy:

Would be good if you could move fighters between gyms for big fights

Yeah that’s way forward I think.

That defeats the object somewhat. Think they need to have had at least x fights for that gym before… And then it gets fiddly and unrealistic… :slight_smile:

What if you could only move gym once. That way you can’t move back and forward in order to make fights.

An idea is that boxers could also refuse. Some may not want change gym and trainer.

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The relationship between fighter and trainer might be the way to do this given how nicely the relationship management works

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