Whyte/Povotkin PPV WTF!

We think the title of the topic says it all…!?!
Going to cough up but you know…

Once we get to adding the promotional side more we will have to add Back Garden PPVs…:slight_smile:

I think it’s a decent a card but should never be pay per view. Anyway I’m watching, but being the tight Scot that I am I ain’t paying for that :joy:

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It’s a really decent card not least in these times.

3.6 for the Belgian woman to beat up Taylor again and actually win looks a way to pay for the PPV;)

Yeah the women’s fight looks a proper 50/50. Great odds that.

That was a decent fight to kick the night off.

That’s two stinky results for Taylor… Victor Loughran…Dear oh dear.

Some end to the night that was. Just shows 1 punch in the heavyweight division can change everything.

Proper stuff:). Wanted Whyte to win but will take a good KO over personal preference any day. Shockingly good.

I think this fight was interesting because of the story. Whyte has been waiting for a title shot for a long time and while waiting has been taking fights such as this. Having lost to a much older fighter, his position now, in challenging for a title fight, is weaker (one might argue).

For me, I found this fight interesting because of the drama in the heavyweight division that preceded it. The exchanges in comments and clashes in personalities. The possibility that some fighters might want to avoid each other for fear of losing, the media interviews, etc Fury, AJ, Wilder and Whyte all have different personalities and preferences - they are human. That’s what makes boxing interesting for me. If you just look at the statistics I don’t think it’s very interesting.That’s why I hope this game develops the rivalries, preferences and personalities of fighters - with effects on the fan base, box office and confidence of fighters. This, combined with developments in the media/promotional side of the game will help make this a drama, not just numbers.

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I have these kind of rivalry’s going on in my game world anyway. Just need to use your imagination.

I’m sure stuff like you have suggested will be added in due course. The reality is though, once you see the same quotes / press conference etc a few times, most will quickly skip them anyway (like on football manager). I personally would much rather their recourses went on getting the National belts/rankings/unifications etc right first.

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I agree…I think the press conference system on Football Manager is boring and repetitive.

But it could be made more unpredictable and have a greater impact. More importantly, I think, is boxer personality and out of ring behavior. Prison sentences, failed drugs tests, celebrity TV show appearances, bizarre statements…Lots of potential.


This is key. We are mindful that the titles are anywhere close to where we want them to be at present. This needs to work well given how many more titles are going to be added soon but least how they all relate to each other. Once that’s done and we will drill down into these kind of features.

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