Will BM Ringside ever get these features back

I’m a huge fan of the game as I’ve said time again on here, it’s brilliant. However there are some features from Boxing Manager that haven’t made their way into BM Ringside and I’m curious why.

  • Amateur record showing on a fighters profile when they turn pro
  • Ability to filter rankings for example see Unbeaten fighters, Stable Fighters etc.
  • Ability to sort opponents in matchmaking by governing body for example, on Boxing Manager you can sort opponents by the highest WBO Ranking or WBC.
  • Matchmaking fighters from the same gym.

Will any of these features be making their way over to BM Ringside or are they just solely for Boxing Manager because I’ve found myself going back to the other game now just because I like the whole amateur background appearing on their profiles and especially like the matchmaking and Ranking filters.

Thanks in advance and great work on the Amateur update as a whole, it’s brilliant.