Win percentage gone

So I realized that in the new test flight version there is no win percentage and I know a lot of people voted for it to be gone, but could that maybe be like an option to enable it or disable it or maybe in the future u guys could add like a difficulty feature where it gets disabled or enabled. BTW Thank you guys for a great game

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It’s gone but we’ve kept it available in sandbox mode.

Also it’s just the beta version so if people don;'t like the implementation then we’ll work on it.

Have to say that we were skeptical but think it makes a better game. We’ve enhanced some of the matchmaking flow for the next beta version.


Are you referring to odds? I have never seen a winning percentage except for the chance of winning a boxing match between two opponents.

I think we must keep it in the full game. That is a good feature and although it only looks at Ring Generalship, it does at least give you a High level view of your chances of winning the match. In fact, I would recommend having the winning percentage algorithm changed slightly to consider all of the different attributes similar to the betting. I like the betting odds but you can’t see those odds until the fight has been scheduled and the fight is going to start.

No we were referring to the Estimated Win%.
At present we’ve removed it (that was how the vote went). But seems we have some late ballot papers coming in…
It’s a better challenge without it there as does tend to make managers “lazy” from what we can see. However, let’s see what feedback says from the beta. Guaranteed to make it an option but we’d rather make it’s inclusion part of gameplay rather than that…

We are just doing the work to make the game date configurable between Calendar date or current game week style.

Very cool to see it…


That is a better format than the weeks because I have a trainer it says worked at my gym for over 500 years and he’s only 57

That is what I was afraid of. Thats horrible in my view to remove the win percentage %. That is one of the most important items for me in playing the game because I don’t intend on going through every single match option to determine whether or not I will take the match. I still go through the different fights but use the win percentage as a way to drill down the opponents a little. I don’t even know how to vote on these items to be honest. Sometimes they show up and other times they don’t. Removing the win percentage is a game changer in my opinion and would negatively impact the game.

I typically think the updates have been great for the game but this is one item that will negatively affect the game as it will take 3,4 5x as much time to get through setting up a match. It is a way to help put together a shortlist of fighters so you don’t have to go through dozens of different fighters before you choose your opponent. I use win percentage every single boxing match as part of my strategy of determining opponents. Even though it is not 100% accurate, it does at least give a reasonable rule of thumb guess on the opponent. I don’t know how to vote on these items as I would have definitely voted against such a move. at the very least, it should be a toggle switch if you don’t want it.

Don’t worry! :slight_smile:
We will look at this with your comments firmly at front of mind.

I have the opposite view.
I think it makes the game far too easy.
I got bored using the win percentage, as it was fairly accurate most of the time and it was unclear what it was based on or who’s view it was. In real life you would need to look at a fighter, their age, history, fitness, style, state of mind, motivation, etc.
The win percentage was just too quick and too easy.

For the moment we have merely given players the option to toggle it on and off.

Having been on the fence somewhat and agreeing largely with the timesaving benefits having played with it switched off and the game experience is far richer without the % estimate.

Anyway, both options are there.
As is the other new option which toggles the date format. Calendar dates are a greater inclusion in our opinion.

I think it’s far better with it removed. Adds a bit of extra depth where you need to actually be a good match maker. It was easy to go into auto pilot mode with the % there.