Win percentage issue

See attached photos. Why would it say my win chance is 45%

It’s calculated based on ring generalship. So it should probably be 50/50. Not sure what will have driven it the other way. It’s only an estimate anyway. You always need to look at the other stats and come to your own conclusion. That looks like a nice easy win so all good.

I’m not a fan of the estimated win % feature. Coach opinion, media opinion, fighter opinion…could replace it.


I don’t mind it when you are wanting to play quickly. I get what your saying but early in a fighters career you are just hammering out wins so it’s a quick way of matchmaking. The option is always there to not use it as well.

Now that is cool…!
It works for us as it is until something better comes along. That might qualify. Essentially three estimates is a very interesting one.

Fight contracts are a big thing of the next big update (we think). Thanks for that thought :wink:

Yes, can indicate fighter confidence level…coach confidence in fighter and boxing IQ, etc.
Would make choosing fights more exciting, add some personality to the game, and maybe make betting more enjoyable.

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