Winning bets not paying out

Hi, I am new to the game, I have placed bets on my fighter in a couple of fights, and he has won both bouts. I have lost the money though and the winnings haven’t paid out into my finances. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?

Sorry to hear you’ve had a problem.
That’s a weird one, because we have quite a lot of confidence in the betting system in the game.
Can you let us know what that was on a market and what you think of the result should’ve been and we can take a look at this more specifically. sorry to hear you’ve had a problem


I put 200,000 on my boxer to win at odds of 1.22. He won, but my balance after the bout was still 200,000 down, but I didn’t receive a message to say that my bet had lost. I did put a smaller bet of 5000 on another of my boxers bouts, which they lost, and I did receive a message to say that bet had lost, which was correct. I have attached a screenshot to show my betting P/L.

I think i’ve found the problem. It only seems to happen when I bet on a boxer in my stable called ‘Joe O’ Donnell’. I just placed a bet on one of my other fighters bouts, it won and it paid out, and also came up on the news feed. I had another bout with Joe O’ Donnell, this one lost but the losing bet didn’t come up on the news feed. May just be on his fights.
Screenshot_20230609-173004_Boxing Manager