Winning streaks

What everyone’s best winning streak? This is mine and still going

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Age 40, 100 fights, undefeated champion with over 60 title defenses, a rating of 20 in so many attributes?
This seems incredibly unrealistic in reality - I wonder how rare this is in the game. I think the game would be improved if this didn’t occur (or, for example, once every 2,000 games).

Crazy that you have still not had a unification for that boxer. Seems it is impossible to unify at the moment.

Iv never had a fighter go so long unbeaten so I think it is extremely rare. Are you matching him against the best?

That’s a sign of too easy.

Team are finishing holidays and new update so hopefully lots of these little things and other “annoyances” resolved in coming week. Thankfully holidays are now over so our team output will be about 4x that of last month. :):slight_smile:

So much to come…

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I don’t think it would matter because he has 20s across the board on everything, that boxer is the strongest boxer I’ve ever seen in the game.

Do you have an idea what the next updates will include? I assume you will not know until after the holiday.

The thing that I think that makes it to easy is if you get some fighters that aren’t very good in the top 10 and even if you beat them there still in the top 10 most of the time and sometimes you end up fighting them three times because there’s no one new for you to fight but I remember in the old game quite a while ago if you lost a world title fight it would put you just outside the top 10 so then there’d be new fighters to defend you’re title against so I think doing something like that again might make it a bit harder rather than getting stuck fighting the same fighters

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We think a week to ten days. Bugs fixes and a few bits of features etc. Then the plan is to aim for a series of “bigger” releases aimed at new features and extending existing functionality.

I have noticed if you let a good boxer run out his contract that has used up all his training points, then re-sign. They usually get a boost or reset on the available training points.

You can then train them more, I assume that’s how this fighter reached 20 near enough across the board :wink:.

Hmmm. Thanks Michael

You actually get the training slots boost when they sign a new contract anyway. I assumed it was deliberate.

It is on renewing but the other scenario feels wrong…

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can You explain a little more on how Expeirence Points are added to a fighter. It seems that you get a lot of experience points at the beginning because as you get higher rankings you get more points. It is possible to get 5k-9k per fight early on. However, once you get into a top ranking, it’s next to impossible to get many experience points. I assume that’s on purpose because you are considered in your prime or peak at that point.

So now on to the points you can spend to improve attributes, Why so some attributes use up 3 of your potential like ring generalship with others like take punishment is 1 and chin is 2. From a strategy standpoint I’ve always assumed ring generalship was the number one attribute that affects a fighters ability to become a champion. What attribute would have the least impact on improving a boxers overall skills,

So what I am hearing is that you get more experience points when you resign a fighter so it’s not just training and fights that affect accumulating experience points?