With the All Weights expansion does the game start with too many fighters and too big a gym?

Whilst it kind of makes sense to double gym size with the All Weights expansion. We do think it also creates a number of unnecessary and perhaps unrealistic issues at the start of the game. Primarily this involves the manager paying for a large gym straightaway. This puts bigger strain on the finances at the start of the game than need be and when things are already pretty tight until those first big paydays.

Perhaps more interesting is that by starting with the bigger gym there is a lot of the game/gym development lost by simply starting at with up to eight fighters.

We have been testing with the All Weights new game starting at the 4 fighter max but would appreciate any views from the wise and learned players we have here.

Yeah mate, I would say it probably is a bit too much. I don’t think the finances really make a huge difference. Not that I have noticed anyway. But I totally agree on early game progression being lost a bit.

Starting with 3 was a bit of a challenge. Had to wait until you had money to increase the gym and only then you could sign someone new. Making progression a bit harder. And probably a lot more realistic only starting with 2 or 3 boxers.

I’d agree as well. You tend to get your best fighters at the start of the game, and it tends to be the early to mid game where they suffer the most. Previously you could afford a couple of upgrades to get their potential up, but now it’s not the case

Who knows, maybe this is more realisitic