Won’t allow me to schedule fights for champs

I have an issue where my fighters will win the belts and might defend for 1 or two matches then they won’t have any fights available. I noticed when this happens the entire weight division stops fighting as well. I also noticed it always happens when I win the rng belt. This bug forces me to change the weight of my fighters to re rank them and get more fights. Note that vacating belts does not solve issue I’ve tried three times with three different fighters. I’m in the “son” scenario you all developed and I have had to do this three times now to one of my sons to keep him fighting. I have invested over 50 dollars to this league. This game is 5/5. This bug just takes the enjoyment of title defending away because I only get 1 or 2 title defenses before all the fights disappear. PLEASE help me fix issue.


We are looking into this as we have seen one previous report. We will try to reproduce this and offer a fix.

We will DM you for more info.