Won’t let me start a new game help!

It won’t allow me to click ‘New game with existing game world’ it takes me to name your promotion then after my game just crashes it does this on the beta and App Store app idk how to get round it I like to chose the fighters check there stats then start again so I can get the good fighter at the start. I can’t really start a game without this option so please help thanks.

Ok we are on it. Let us take a look.

Ok. We have found this and a new version (1.02.26) is on it’s way to Apple. They are usually quite quick to turn this round.
Sorry about that. Worth it when it works/comes…

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Thank you IM your always on it :clap:t2:

A new one should be out today.

Check the App Store for the update. It should be there any time onwards.

Version 1.02.26 is the most recent and this issue is resolved in that.

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